Lay support for woman ‘concelebrating’ Mass shows the extent of German apostasy

Lay support for woman ‘concelebrating’ Mass shows the extent of German apostasy by Andreas Wailzer for Life Site News

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The Central Committee of German Catholics recently issued a statement in support of the woman, or women,  in Switzerland who committed liturgical abuse by attempting to concelebrate Mass. It is scandalous enough that this grave liturgical abuse happened. However, if this abuse happened only in one place once, one could explain it away as an isolated incident. However, the support of the immensely powerful and influential Committee reveals a widespread apostasy within the German Church. 

One must understand that the Central Committee of German Catholics is the second most powerful and influential Catholic organization in Germany after the Bishops Conference. Members work very closely with bishops in the implantation of the heterodox Synodal Way. Their president leads the Synodal Way Committee together with Bishop Georg Bätzing. Their views are very much in line with the progressive bishops in Germany (which is, sadly, the majority of them). 

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If you look at the statements of this Central Committee of German Catholics, who purport to represent lay Catholics in Germany, you get a good image of how deep the moral corruption goes in the German Church. They support homosexual “marriage,” gender ideology, women priests, communion for unrepented fornicators, and even abortion. And they support it publicly.  

For example, its president Irme Stetter-Karp, who is also the co-president of the Synodal Way, has said that “a nationwide provision of the medical intervention of abortion must be ensured.”   

Also, its General Secretary, Mark Frings, quoted the Committee’s position regarding homosexuality that “[e]very human being was created by God with his sexuality and … this created being has an inviolable dignity. Sexual orientation is an inseparable part of every human person. It is not self-chosen, and it cannot be changed.” 

“It is no longer written ‘man and wife he created them,’ but rather ‘male and female he created them’ (Gen 1:27),” the statement continued.  “As a matter of creation theology, this marks the fact that sexual identity is more complex than a purely biological understanding.” 

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