The Horror: Joe Biden and His Demons

The Horror: Joe Biden and His Demons By MARK JUDGE for The Stream

What is the premise of almost every horror movie?

Don’t mess with the Natural Law.

Yes, a lot of these films are gruesomely, needlessly violent, so I’m not recommending them for The Stream. But we can learn from talking about such movies and their appeal.

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Starting with Frankenstein and going all the way through The Exorcist, Carrie, Re-Animator, Alien, Hell House and Heredity,for all their flaws, horror films often reinforce positive social norms and warn against violating them. Greed, arrogance, defying God’s natural order and dabbling with the occult … all get punished. Frankenstein warns us not to play God and try and reverse the inevitability of death. The Exorcist teaches us to not dabble with demons, as Regan did via a Ouija board. In slasher flicks like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, the kids who get knocked off in them are the usually ones who are drunk, promiscuous, or mean. Re-Animator and countless similar flicks punish those who grasp at immortality.

Joe Biden Clinging to Fetishes of Power, Like Gollum

All of which, sadly, brings us to Joe Biden. In horror terms, the president has violated one of the most basic truths of our lives — that at some point we get too old to function the way we used to. When this happens, we have two choices. We can accept the world the way God made it, retire gracefully, and prepare to meet the Lord. Joe could certainly afford to, having amassed a family fortune life living off the public.

Or we can cling to power, deny God and our mortality, and eventually get dragged into hell.

Others have pointed it out, but it really was shocking how President Biden’s recent speech in Philadelphia resembled a cinematic cameo by one of the lesser demons of hell. Biden ranted and raved, his dementia illuminated by hellish red lights in the background. It was like the horrifying ending of Heredity.

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