Why Believing Conspiracy Theories Corrupts Your Christian Witness

Why Believing Conspiracy Theories Corrupts Your Christian Witness by Jared Stacy for Charisma News

GNN Note – What’s the difference between “conspiracy theories” and conspiracy facts? About six months. After being involved with news of all types for more twelve plus years, we have seen more reports flip from “theory” to fact than the reverse. We can look at two recent events that everyone reading this will know – “mask will protect you from COVID19” “double masking is good, triple mask better” “mask don’t work, stop buying them and leave them for healthcare professionals” All these statements came out of the mouth of Saint Fauci. “The vaccine will protect you from catching and spreading COVID19.” “The vaccine is ineffective and will not protect you from COVID19 and will not stop the spread.” Both statements from the CDC and the Biden regime. Please don’t tell me that “theories” will corrupt my Christian witness. That is simply not true. I have a responsibility to my Christian brothers and sisters to report the Truth based on facts and evidence – you know, science and data. If I fail to do that then I am not serving God, period. Government is a fraud and run by liars and satanist, pedophiles. Corporate media, state run media in the U.S. is a function of government and designed, specifically, to tell you what to think about EVERYTHING. We do our best to help you to think about what is important and let you decide what is best for you and your situation. / END

Today’s world is being shaped by lies in terrifying ways. In recent weeks, for example, we have witnessed Vladimir Putin’s disinformation campaign to justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But it’s not just officials in the Kremlin making spurious claims; during the pandemic we’ve also been bombarded by falsehoods. Conspiracies appear in our search results, while scrolling on social media or in conversations with friends and family.

What were, at one time, beliefs held by extremists, fringe groups or eccentric uncles—the earth is flat, the moon landings were faked, I know who really shot JFK—have now filtered into the mainstream consciousness, aided by technology that makes sharing content easier. In a world that can be confusing, complex and at times seemingly out of control, conspiracies offer us the illusion that we can understand reality without too much effort on our part.

Christians in the US, in particular, have been linked to conspiracy theories, with real-world consequences. In two surveys from the Public Religion Research Institute, white evangelicals were found to be one of the most likely religious demographics in America to buy into one or more of the claims of the political conspiracy theory QAnon. The theory has been found to have shaped the motivations of Americans involved in the storming of Capitol Hill, which resulted in the deaths of at least two people.

QAnon started with cryptic posts on an online message board, but it soon went mainstream. The conspiracy theory alleges—among other claims—that a vast Democrat pedophile ring operates out of a pizza parlour in Washington DC. In the ‘canon’ of QAnon, Donald Trump is the leader of a movement resisting this hidden evil and there will be an apocalyptic moment (referred to as a ‘storm’) that will sweep away morally corrupt elites.

Why Do Christians Believe Conspiracies?

Pervasive distrust makes conspiracies plausible. When the government lies or the media misreports, distrust can fuel paranoia. When people cannot trust their leaders, they turn to other sources of information. Now we have ‘alternative facts’ to counter ‘official narratives.’

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