We Need God

We Need God by Michael L. Brown for Ask Dr Brown

Three simple words. We. Need. God. But those words say it all. America has sunk too deep to recover on its own.

We have sunk too deep in into a moral morass, too deep into cultural confusion, too deep into a spiritual stupor. Only God can turn the tide. Only God can save us from implosion. We need God!

Political involvement has its place.

Social engagement is important.

There are many practical things we can and should do.

But all the while, we must recognize that without divine intervention, it is over for America as we know it. There is no turning back the clock.

Without a fresh wave of revival in the Church that will lead to a great awakening in our society, America is in terminal condition. No strategy can heal us. No method can save us. Only God!

Let’s be realistic for a moment. We need to understand just how far we have fallen.

There was a time when truth was considered absolute. Today we have “my truth” vs. “your truth.”

There was a time when moral standards were considered fixed. Today, morality is relative.

Even reality has become relative. After all, you are whoever (or whatever) you perceive yourself to be, including males who are females and females who are males and others who are neither or both.

A whole generation has been raised on this madness. Let’s not fool ourselves.

Consequently, while we’re trying to restore respect for the Scriptures others are debating which preferred gender pronouns to use. We need to wake up!

Think about it for a moment.

It was not that long ago that the idea of same-sex “marriage” was universally rejected by conservative leaders, especially in the Church. It was contrary to nature. It was in violation of God’s plan. It was not in the best interest of children who would be raised by same-sex parents.

Today, many conservative outlets avoid the subject of homosexuality as too controversial, while many pastors affirm it from their pulpits. This is high-level deception. This is a generational turn in the very wrong direction.

In fact, when gay atheist David Rubin announced that he and his partner were adopting children, quite a few conservative leaders offered him their warmest wishes. (This is not to bash Rubin and his partner. It is to point out the degree to which our eyes have been blinded and our standards have been compromised.)

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