Promoting Unlicensed Vaccines is Lawbreaking

Promoting Unlicensed Vaccines is Lawbreaking by Robert W Malone MD, MS – SubStack

Unlicensed healthcare products: No advertising or promotion allowed

As we barrel down the pike towards deployment and mandates (ironically after Labor day) involving yet more inadequately tested, Emergency Use Authorized genetic vaccine products (in other words, not licensed or market authorized), it seems an appropriate time to review the law concerning marketing of unlicensed medical products.

This is all about reducing the risk of hospitalization and death from Omicron BA.5, which (based on data from all over the world) appears to be most significant in the highly genetic “vaccinated” population.

The FDA and CDC (and Dr. Barney Graham, on interview with the Washington Post) appear to have conceded that these vaccines are unlikely to do much for even slowing down infection, replication and spread of this virus. And in the opinion of many (including myself), these new products may well supercharge the development of even more sophisticated “vaccine escape mutant” viruses.

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We may have gotten about as much advantage out of the vaccine, at this point, as we can get,” said Barney Graham, an architect of coronavirus vaccines”  ““We can tweak it and maybe evolve it to match circulating strains a little better,” Graham said. “It will have a very small, incremental effect.”

Even Dr. Paul Offit, who seems to have never met a vaccine that he did not think should be jabbed into children, raised a red flag (or was it a white flag?) in his interview with TIME magazine:

“Dr. Paul Offit, a member of the advisory committee, says this strategy makes him “uncomfortable” for several reasons. He notes that the data presented from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna in June involving their BA.1 booster shot, which focused on the levels of virus-fighting antibodies the vaccine generated, were underwhelming. “They showed that the neutralizing antibody titers were between 1.5- and two-fold greater against Omicron than levels induced by a booster of the ancestral vaccine,” he says. “I’d like to see clear evidence of dramatic increase in neutralizing antibodies, more dramatic than what we saw against BA.1, before launching a new product. We’re owed at least that.”

I previously covered both the Fearporn and the reality of the clinical risk associated with Omicron BA.5 here on July 09, 2022.

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