Mark H. – His Final Talk (Video)

Mark H. – His Final Talk Video

Recorded less than a month before he died in 2010, this is the final tape of the legendary AA speaker, Mark H. He brings his usual brilliant articulation of recovery to the talk, as well as a deep and profound spiritual insight. Little did he know at the time, he would suffer an aneurysm the following month and pass away suddenly. In retrospect, this is such an awesome and spiritual share. It really encapsulates the message of recovery and what a life dedicated to sobriety and service looks like! THANK YOU MARK!
Addiction treatment WORKS! The Twelve Step Model has been utilized as a treatment for alcohol abuse and alcoholism since 1935. It is extremely important to know that help IS out there and addiction recovery is possible. If you are battling alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction or any other form of addictive behavior, there are people who know EXACTLY what it is like!

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