Unelected Bureaucrats Unilaterally Impose the Green New Deal

Unelected Bureaucrats Unilaterally Impose the Green New Deal By David Lanza for American Thinker

Last week, a bank in Australia announced that it would no longer lend money for the purchase of gasoline powered cars. From now on, Bank Australia will lend money only to buyers of electric cars. Bank Australia is not one of the big four Australian banks that control 80% of the Australian market, but the publicity from this move is expected to rally the faithful.

There is no public consensus in the West in favor of electric cars. They have limited range. They are expensive. Recharging the battery is extremely time consuming and costly. The batteries often need to be replaced at a cost that equals or exceeds the price of a new car. The cars constitute a fire hazard which requires tremendous amounts of time and water to extinguish, often placing garages and general traffic at risk. Electric cars and their batteries cause greater environmental damage than the gasoline cars they are intended to replace. Constant promises that improved technology is just around the corner have never been fulfilled. The public has generally not shown a willingness to accept these risks, costs, and harms.

Without any consensus, activists seek to impose this drastic change on all of us through the back door. There has been no vote on the electric car. There is no mandate. Yet, they can push the agenda anyway.

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Bank Australia has a reputation for maintaining lending standards that follow leftist policy goals. It needs no public vote, legislative action, or even substantial market share to promote this initiative. The publicity exceeds the economic importance of Bank Australia’s decision. But that publicity may lead to more such actions throughout the West. We may one day wake up to a world in which we have lost our cars without ever having decided on such a drastic course. This change would eliminate the travel freedom we currently enjoy and even the ability to live beyond the gates of our old cities.

Bank Australia is not the only entity that attempts to take away our cars without our consent. California’s recent ban of gasoline cars by 2035 was accomplished by something called the California Air Resources Board, even though a CBS headline somehow referred to this fiat as a “vote” by “California.”

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