Studies Show Fertility Rates Plummet Worldwide Following COVID-19 Vaccines

Studies Show Fertility Rates Plummet Worldwide Following COVID-19 Vaccines Comments by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News

A presentation recently made by Dr. Christof Plothe, a German Doctor of Osteopathy who is also a member of the World Council for Health, reveals the most startling evidence yet that COVID vaccines are causing massive cases of infertility, not just among women, but men also.

Combined with the record volume of deaths and disabilities among the COVID-19 vaccinated, the future implications of what this vaccine has done to the human population and labor pool, is almost unfathomable.

This information is NOT being reported in the corporate media, and to reference it is to be labeled as someone providing “disinformation” by most.

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The presentation was made on the Iron Will Report. I will embed the video below.

Show notes:

Christof Plothe has done an in-depth study on the effects of the Covid ‘vaccines’ on pregnant women. His findings are truly disturbing. In just one example, the University of Chicago asked for women who had experienced post-injection menstrual irregularities to volunteer for a study. They hoped to find 500 women. To date, they have received over 140,000 applications!

Mr. Plothe’s data is shocking. He shares slides of his charts on a wide range of ‘vaccine’ affects, including drops in fertility around the world, accumulation of lipid nanoparticles and spike proteins in the various organs of the body, and the fact that the risk of miscarriage with the Covid ‘vaccines’ is over 1500 times higher than with the flu vaccine.

How many safety studies were done on pregnant women? (Spoiler: the answer is ‘none’)

How many of the ‘scientists’ involved in Pfizer’s safety trial own shares in Pfizer? (Spoiler: the answer is ‘all of them’)

To what degree have birth rates dropped around the world since the start of the ‘vaccine’ rollouts?

Could the children of injected mothers be born sterile?

Why were no human studies done on the effects of the lipid nanoparticles, which are known to be toxic?

The lipid nanoparticles collect in the highest concentration in the reproductive organs. Is this intentional to produce infertility?
What other side effects do the lipid nanoparticles produce?

For how long do the spike proteins remain active (and damaging) in the human body?

Highlights by Dr. Mark Trozzi:

  • Pregnancy last 9 months, yet these “vaccines” were approved in in just 108 days. How can any claim of safety in pregnancy be made? Normally vaccine approval takes ten years.

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