Ben Armstrong: Dan Bongino was pressured into getting the COVID-19 vaccine, which he now regrets

Ben Armstrong: Dan Bongino was pressured into getting the COVID-19 vaccine, which he now regrets by:  for Natural News

Ben Armstrong of the New American discussed radio show host and author Dan Bongino’s regret over getting the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

“Dan Bongino is saying the jab is the greatest regret of his life, and he’s not just saying that lightly,” Armstong said during the Aug. 24 edition of his program “The Ben Armstrong Show.”

“You can see it in his body language. [Bongino looks] almost physically depressed that he went out and got the jab. He was pressured into it.”

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According to Armstrong, many people got the COVID-19 vaccine because of pressure – whether it was from their employer or the government. In Bongino’s case, it was pressure from a doctor that led him to get the COVID clot shot.

Armstrong then played a clip from the Aug. 22 edition of Bongino’s program where the latter expressed regret. “It was the biggest mistake of my life; I just should have waited,” admitted Bongino. (Related: Dan Bongino says getting vaccinated for covid is his biggest regret in life.)

Bongino also mentioned watching a short clip featuring Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“It’s really the most troubling [clip] I’ve had a listen to in a long time, because I’m scared of what’s coming. I had [COVID-19] a little while ago and I’m afraid the repercussions of this for a lot of people.”

Lastly, Bongino reiterated that no emergency situation should lead a company or government to force people to take something that may damage their bodies in the long run.

Armstrong noted that Bongino’s body language revealed how sincere he was when he talked about the vaccine. He also expressed sadness that Bongino, who had been diagnosed with lymphoma before, did not fully understand what was going on.

Armstrong didn’t buckle to pressure

Armstrong revealed that he had cancer way before the COVID-19 pandemic and he had actually undergone chemotherapy for it. But he made sure not to get the experimental vaccine that can damage the immune system. This, he added, was the best decision he had ever made.

Given that he was well-informed about COVID-19 from the start, Armstrong said he wished Bongino had seen his show early. While Armstrong understood Bongino’s worries, the difference was that the New American author refused to buckle to pressure.

“The reason why Dan Bongino is really coming to grips with that, [is because] the vaccine damages your immune system and it’s a fact. It’s just a lot of people don’t want to see it or look at it – and it’s being squashed by Big Tech and stuff. They don’t want people to know this.”

“If you already have cancer, [the COVID-19 vaccine] could make your cancer spread like wildfire, because your immune system and your T cells can be affected. That’s what’s used for fighting off cancer. So you’re forcing your body to look for COVID-19 and ignore cancer. That’s basically what the shot would do.”

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