Transgender Ideology: God Is Dead, We Are Our Own Gods

Transgender Ideology: God Is Dead, We Are Our Own Gods BY JOSHUA ARNOLD via Prophecy News Watch

An Australian woman, who identified as male 12 years ago, has sued the psychiatrist who placed her on testosterone after one visit and later signed off on surgery to mutilate her body to be more like a man’s. Another specialist had recommended she obtain a “throughout psychiatric work-up before embarking on hormone treatment.”

The woman now regrets her “gender transition” and argues the psychiatrist acted irresponsibly by initiating irreversible procedures so hastily. Sadly, it’s too late.

“We need to be telling stories” like this, said Grove City College theologian Carl Trueman on “Washington Watch” — “the most compelling and emotionally powerful stories.” He argued that, for the purpose of influencing society, it doesn’t matter whether Christians can win the philosophical argument against the transgender ideology unless we can win a platform for our views.

And Christians can win the philosophical argument. The transgender ideology “is unsustainable to build or maintain a society,” argued Trueman. “This highly subjective notion of the self means that we’re likely to be living in a time of constant chaos and flux, of constant gotchas … and one simply cannot build a coherent view of society or a vision of the future based on that kind of fragmentation.”

Undergirding the conflicting notions of the self is a more fundamental debate between “those who believe that the material world has intentionality and purpose, and those who don’t,” as “Washington Watch” host Joseph Backholm put it. In other words, “Does the world as a whole have a moral shape to it?” Trueman offered. “Does it represent a sort of external authority to which we need to conform ourselves in order to flourish? Or is it just stuff? Is the world simply a giant piece of … cosmic Play-Doh over which we can exert our wills?”

That distinction, when applied to human beings in particular, becomes, “Does my body have any authority for my identity? Or is it simply a piece of stuff?” Our answer reveals what we believe about the origin and purpose of humanity. “Are human beings made in the image of God, or … are we simply exalted animals?” Trueman continued. “And therefore, is it legitimate to … transcend ourselves using our technological skills? Or are there limits … intrinsic to us, or perhaps, we might say, imposed upon us from without?”

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