Think we got it wrong?

Think we got it wrong? by Steve Kirsch – SubStack

GNN Note – Our hope is that someone can prove Mr. Kirsch wrong with science and data and all like that. We already know they aren’t going to be able to accomplish this simple goal, but if someone would at least take time to push back that would give us a hardy laugh. You know, science and data and all like that.  / END

Evaluating COVID-19 Information

Executive Summary

I received an email today from a former Stanford doctor who wrote:

“Steve, I respect you and all you have accomplished.  I looked carefully at the articles you sent and I saw nothing.  I’m not going to engage with you on this any further.  As I said before, I hope that you will find an alternative use for your time, talent and treasure–the world needs it.”

I’m happy to find an alternative use for my time if someone would spend a few minutes explaining to me and my colleagues how we got it wrong. But so far, there have been no takers. They won’t engage.

I’d even be willing to pay someone for their time to convince us. But they all quickly give up when I ask them to explain all the anomalies that we’ve observed such as the list below.

So I wanted to make it clear how we got stuck on the wrong path and what a Good Samaritan can do to help set us back up on the right path.

Any takers?

How to convince us we’re wrong: a handy checklist

Here is a checklist of things that bother me and my fellow “misinformation spreaders”:

  1. Nobody in public health anywhere in the world is calling for autopsies of people who die within 30 days after vaccination (using the proper staining techniques to detect the spike protein). Why wouldn’t health authorities want to know the truth and prove we are wrong? If the vaccines are safe, this would exonerate the vaccines, expose us all as misinformation spreaders, and reduce vaccine hesitancy. In our view, the only reason for not wanting to know the truth is if you knew that this would reveal that the vaccines are dangerous. So if that’s not the reason, what is?
  2. The sheer number of young doctor deaths in Canada post vaccine are really troubling. Clearly, we’ve all got it wrong and the vaccines didn’t kill them at all. Just tell us what did! Explain how you go from pretty much no young doctors dying in a year over the last 30 years to now over 30 who died shortly after COVID vaccination shots. Simply tell us how do you know for certain none of these docs died from the vaccine. Unfortunately, asking us to “trust the authorities” isn’t going to convince us.
  3. The official data and studies that governments rely on to make their claims are unreliable. Did we get it wrong? Let’s chat. These studies include:

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