Jonathan Cahn Unveils the ‘Dark Trinity’ Wreaking Havoc in Today’s World

Jonathan Cahn Unveils the ‘Dark Trinity’ Wreaking Havoc in Today’s World from Charisma House

Is it possible that ancient gods have come back and are behind what is currently happening in America? Could their existence be transforming culture, families, children, businesses, government, technology—and even our very lives?

New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn—author of The Harbinger, The Oracle, The Mystery of the Shemitah and more—examines these chilling questions and more in his explosive new book, The Return of the Gods, available for pre-order now and launches on Sept. 6, 2022. In the groundbreaking book, Cahn takes readers on a journey from an ancient parable to the ancient inscriptions in Sumer, Assyria and Babylonia that become the puzzle pieces behind what is taking place in the world to this day, specifically in America.

Cahn promises to start to uncover ancient prophecies of old, as well as how they affect America today.

“We will remove the veil to uncover the first and most important revelation underlying the mystery of the gods. We will see the ancient transformation concerning the gods that changed world history. We will open up a two-thousand-year-old warning involving a house of spirits and what it foretells concerning the modern world. We will then see how the gods of the ancient mystery have come into our world. We will uncover the dark trinity—and how it has changed our culture. We will reveal how the gods are working and moving in all that is taking place around us, how they are initiating social upheavals and cultural revolutions, indwelling our politics, transforming our world—and even our lives. Finally, we will open up the meaning and significance of it all, what it portends, what it will lead to, and what we need to know and do in light of it.”

In the book, Cahn identifies three key ancient gods who are at work at this very moment—a dark trinity that embody the apostasy itself: the Possessor, the Enchantress and the Destroyer. These three spirits worked together in a progression of seduction, with the Possessor ushering in the Enchantress, then the Enchantress ushering in the Destroyer.

The Possessor was the first. To the nation of Israel, according to Cahn, he was the embodiment of paganism and of all pagan gods. He was the other god, the substitute god and he warred against the true God. He was the god that Israel turned to when it turned away from the Almighty God.

But the Possessor was not alone, Cahn warns. He had a wife known as the Enchantress.

“In some ancient mythologies of the Middle East, she was the goddess of sexuality and, specifically, of sexual immorality,” says Cahn. “She was a seducer, a temptress, the goddess who captivated, allured and snatched away. As the patron goddess of the tavern, or alehouse, she was associated with the partaking of alcohol, particularly of beer. She dwelled in the taverns and mixed sexuality with intoxication.”

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