Illuminati conspiracy? What is the Illuminati conspiracy?

Illuminati conspiracy? What is the Illuminati conspiracy? from Compelling Truth

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The Illuminati conspiracy is the belief that there is a group of global elites who control the world or seek to take control of the world. While views regarding the Illuminati vary widely, its popularity has grown through its use in books, films, and other media forms as the ultimate conspiracy group controlling world events.

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A brief history of the Illuminati shows that it was a secret society started in Germany by professor Adam Weishaupt in 1776. It includes a wide range of free thinkers, secularists, as well as Masonic Lodge members who focused on teaching rationalism. The group was disbanded in 1785, yet speculation has continued ever since about the Illuminati’s ongoing presence as an elite secret society behind global activities and pursuit of a one-world government.

The growing myth of the Illuminati connects them as the force behind the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and other global endeavors. The Illuminati supposedly control global finance through a private network of leaders, manipulating markets through inflation or recession to suit their agenda. They have also been called the New World Order as a result of these alleged efforts.

Because of this focus on a one-world government, various Christian connections have been made regarding the Illuminati and end-times biblical events. However, it is important to distinguish between fact and fiction in these discussions. The Bible does predict a global leader (Antichrist) who will oversee global government for a short period of time. Revelation also speaks of the mark of the beast that will be required by all people who wish to make financial transactions. It is likely that some efforts toward global centralization will take place prior to this time since this change will take place during a seven-year period known as the tribulation.

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