Winter of Discontent: Germany to Implement Energy Rationing Amid Fears of Gas Riots

Winter of Discontent: Germany to Implement Energy Rationing Amid Fears of Gas Riots by Peter Caddle for Breitbart

GNN Note – The reality of the “Green New Deal” is showing it’s teeth all around the world and the people are beginning to stand up and push back against the real enemy, which is not their neighbor but the satanic-globalist forcing these massive life changes upon their life. / END

As officials in the country express their fears about future gas riots this winter, the German government has announced a host of new energy rationing rules that will come into effect from next Thursday.

In what appears to be the latest attempt to avoid energy shortages this winter, the German government is to implement restrictions limiting the use of energy in the country.

Ministers appear to be hoping that the rationing efforts will help reduce the risk of energy shortages this coming winter, with a number of bigwigs now openly fearful of a future of public unrest and gas riots should people be left unable to adequately heat their homes.

According to a report by Stern, limits on how hot public buildings and offices can be heated to are to come into effect on September 1st, with such buildings now being legally restricted to no more than 19 degrees Celsius (~66 degrees Fahrenheit).

Public buildings will also no longer be allowed to heat their hallways — though some exceptions are to be given for the likes of hospitals — while tap water used for washing hands will also no longer be allowed to be heated using a boiler or instant heating device.

Contract clauses mandating that landlords heat their buildings to a certain level to ensure the wellbeing of their tenants have also been completely suspended for six months, with state bigwigs claiming that this will allow renters who are willing to turn down their thermostats to do so, with little being said about what will happen to those who wish to keep the heating on during the winter.

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