Carjacking Is A Massive Attack Upon Our Social Contract: Essence Of Collapse VII

Carjacking Is A Massive Attack Upon Our Social Contract: Essence Of Collapse VII VII by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

In 2019 we wrote a series of articles following Tucker Carlson’s lead documenting our collapsing society. The “Essence of Collapse” series points to items that, on the surface, can be overlooked as one of the mechanisms of a collapsing society, but taken in context with the other items the picture becomes quiet clear. Our society is, in fact, collapsing the evidence is overwhelming.

We picked the series up, again, at the beginning of this month with Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother where we looked directly at how young men and women have been taught to dishonor childbirth, family and, especially, marriage. You see commercials on TV with young people laughing off the idea of marriage as if they are to recoil from it like they would a hot flame or some type of threat to their safety.

All of this is being done by design, it is not happenstance these images, thoughts and misgivings now saturate our lives on a daily basis. It is difficult not to notice since it is on every billboard, every TV commercial, every TV show, every radio talkshow and every single ad on the internet. The satanic-globalist have flooded the zone with images, phrases and shows of a degenerate lifestyle that is encouraging people to leave all thoughts of God, family and respect in the nearest pile of trash. The social contract is under attack.

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This brings us to the latest in a long line of breakdowns that are currently happening. Not one of the of situations we began discussing in 2019 has been corrected, not one has even been reviewed for correction much less actually addressed. No, all them have escalated for the worse. The latest entry is carjacking. In some of our largest cities this plague is now running rampant. Carjacking, as Tucker Carlson describes in the video below, is an attack on our basic civil liberties. We except to be safe and secure in our vehicles. We expect society to respect our property and our lives at the most basic level, but now we see an uptick of attacks, in a great many cities around the country, showing the unwritten law of decency being violated.

When you have paid activist in positions of great power in a community, like the District Attorney, who has been bought and paid for by one of the most evil people to ever breathe oxygen, that community comes under attack. We are seeing, as Tucker Carlson outlines a number of large cities, the whole of the community is destroyed from within. People are beginning to stop driving from fear of being attacked, assaulted, kidnapped, raped or killed on sight. The truly sad part is a lot of these carjackings are happening by underage children primarily ages 15-17.

The solutions to the issues we have been discussing are can be addressed and should be addressed. But that means people are going to have to get involved, become active in their communities. People need to do something. People need to take responsibility for their communities. People need to stop relying on someone else to pick up the pieces and pick up the trash. We can do it, we just have to get our lives in order and that means turning back to Jesus Christ and putting Him first in our lives. Until that happens, nothing is going to change for the better it is only going to continue to get much, much worse.

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