Abp. Viganò: LifeSiteNews fights back against the errors and lies of the Deep State

Abp. Viganò: LifeSiteNews fights back against the errors and lies of the Deep State by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò for Life Site News

‘LifeSiteNews is an oasis in which many souls have found refreshment after being abandoned to their own devices by civil and religious authority.’

Dear friends of LifeSiteNews, it seems that only a few years have passed since a group of Catholics from North America, animated by the desire to defend the Truth, began the great adventure that today, twenty-five years later, has proven to be a providential and very successful work. A providential work, that is an undertaking blessed by Providence, because it is necessary to confront the muddle of errors and lies that afflict the world both in social and political questions as well as in religious and spiritual ones. 

Let’s talk therefore about “good press,” using a typically Catholic expression that today has been deliberately forgotten. St. John Bosco and Blessed James Alberione spoke of good press, aware of the power of the media both in spreading the good and in propagating evil. “We drive out the bad press because it is a scourge worse than the plague, hunger, and war,” said the founder of the Pious Society of Saint Paul, today emblematically renamed Saint Paul Holding.

But today driving out the “bad press” is much more complex than in the past, because we live in a paradox in which errors and lies against the revealed Truth are spread and promoted by the so-called Catholic media, by what should be the “good press.” On the other hand, it is difficult to hope that the Catholic press will not propagandize Masonic irenist ecumenism or idolatrous paganism, when it is Bergoglio himself who imposes it “magisterially” as a new doctrine to which everyone must conform. 

In the past the “good press” had the task of being the voice of the Truth, because it amplified the same Truth that is taught by the Church. Now that the Church has been eclipsed by a sect of apostate fornicators, it is not surprising that the Bergoglian media acts as a sounding board for the heretical proclamations of their ideological referent who sits in Rome. Nor is it surprising that, among the priorities of the regime press, profit is put before correct information, confirming how much doctrinal and moral deviation is accompanied – indefectibly, I would say – by the mercantile mentality typical of Protestant thought. 

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