Government Corrupts Science With Progressive Nonsense (Video)

Government Corrupts Science With Progressive Nonsense Video by John Stossel

People in government now use your money to promote left-wing advocacy, disguised as science.
The problem goes all the way to the White House.
The co-head of President Biden’s “Scientific Integrity Task Force,” Jane Lubchenco, just got caught abusing science.
Yet she still has her job.
Don’t White House officials care about scientific integrity?
“They could not care less,” says science writer Andrew Follett. “Her job from their perspective is to generate papers that rationalize and justify the regulations they want to impose.”
Today’s bad government science goes well beyond the White House.
Your tax money is used for gibberish.
That’s how people like comedian Steven Crowder are able to hoax so-called “experts” in absurd ways.

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