Will Preaching the Word Soon Be Illegal in America?

Will Preaching the Word Soon Be Illegal in America? by Joseph Mattera for Charisma News

On April 19, 2018, the California State Assembly approved Bill AB 2943. According to this bill, the church can no longer preach or teach that homosexuality is wrong and cannot try to correct that behavior.

Many are concerned about the ramifications of this. Even psychotherapy for gender dysphoria is against this law. One astute Facebook user commented, “editing the Bible would be the next logical step.” The California Assembly, by a vote of 50-18, approved this bill, telling churches and other institutions that uphold traditional beliefs that if they advocated their views about gender and sexual orientation, they could get sued. AB 2943 declares, “advertising, offering to engage in or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual” is illegal under the state’s consumer fraud law. Assembly Floor Vote: 50-18″ (California Family Council). This bill has since died in the process.

This article is not about homosexuality, but concerns that churches or individuals could be sanctioned for preaching from the Bible. I would have had the same concern if a law was passed that said a person could be sued for preaching on the biblical practice of “tithing” or that “Jesus is the only way to heaven.”

The fact that this assembly voted against free speech, which abridged the first amendment, shows how far the radical left will go to enact the tyrannical rule. These are the same people who speak against the church or Christians being involved in the public square. They further accuse concerned citizens of trying to institute a “theocracy” or assert dominance over them.

The truth is, they try to frame the narrative this way to hide the fact that they are the ones who desire dominion and autocratic ideological rule over society. (I don’t know one Christian leader who believes the institutional church should have political rule over the nation. Church history has demonstrated that to be a disaster!) Contrariwise, the original framers of the United States Constitution made sure it included the principles of freedom of religion and free speech.

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