The Spirit of Antichrist in Demi Lovato Has Finally Revealed Itself

The Spirit of Antichrist in Demi Lovato Has Finally Revealed Itself by James Lasher for Charisma News

GNN Note – Just the latest in a long line of reasons to boycott any and all things Disney. / END

For years, Disney alum Demi Lovato has struggled with her identity and mental health.

She suffered from addictions, and even jumped on the pronoun bandwagon, but recently changed them back to her original “she/her” designation.

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For a while, it looked like she was recovering from the spirits that had been plaguing her body, soul and mind.

Then she released an album that is nothing less than the work of Satan in her life. (*Warning, this link contains iconography that is demonic.)

The title, Holy ____, leaves nothing to the imagination about the direction by which she was influenced to take her newest musical foray. Filled with expletives and guitar riffs that are this generation’s version of Black Sabbath, Lovato shows that she has indeed been “reborn” as she alluded to in her documentary, Dancing with the Devil.

In each generation, this spirit of Antichrist again raises its head, so what Lovato is doing is nothing new. From Ozzy Osbourne to Madonna to Marilyn Manson, this spirit has snagged the souls of performers who spread its message and iconography to entire generations.

What is different now is how far that reach can go.

Lovato has 139 million Instagram followers. Let that number sink in. Now realize the release announcement of this new album is on her Instagram page and understand that prominent musicians from decades past have never had advertising and marketing of this scope and power.

Added to this staggering reach is another 54.2 million followers on Twitter with a profile banner of Lavato wrapped in leather and laying on a cross. But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget her 33 million followers on Facebook, with video giving behind-the-scenes footage of the production of the album.

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