Computerized Thermographic Imaging and Live Blood Analysis Post C19 Injection

Computerized Thermographic Imaging and Live Blood Analysis Post C19 Injection by Steve Kirsch – SubStack

I’m on the road and just got this. Is this legit? Can someone replicate this?

I just got this message:

From Ana Maria Mihalcea,

Dear Colleagues,

I interviewed a Brazilian Biologist and Researcher, Felipe Reitz, who is doing Computerized Thermographic Imaging in the C19 injected and correlating this with Live Blood Analysis. The clots are everywhere, even in young athletes in their 20’s, it is absolutely heartbreakingly shocking. These are completely asymptomatic. For the love of humanity, please look at these images and the video we did.

As an Internal Medicine Physician of over 20 years’ experience, I have never seen anything so devastating in its implications. He has found the same thing in children, as young as 2 years old.

If this visual proof does not help doctors stop the jabs, or people not to get them, I do not know what will. Maybe whole-body Computerized Thermography needs to be standard of care for all C19 injected people.

Here is the link to the story which has a link the 1 hour video. I’ve also emailed Reitz.

In this interview with Brazilian biologist and medical researcher Felipe Reitz we discuss his findings of live blood analysis and thermographic Imaging of C19 injected individuals. A thermogram is a regional temperature map of the surface of a part of the body, which is obtained by an infrared sensing device. This measures radiant heat and subcutaneous blood flow. Thermography has been proposed as a noninvasive way to detect deep vein thrombosis, which are blood clots in the venous system.

In these never-before-seen images of individuals who received the experimental mRNA shot, we can see extensive abnormal vein imaging suggesting blood clotting in both deep venous and superficial venous system. These individuals are completely asymptomatic and do not feel anything, nor do they have swelling.

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