The CDC isn’t finding any vax deaths because they aren’t looking for them

The CDC isn’t finding any vax deaths because they aren’t looking for them by Steve Kirsch – SubStack

Are you surprised?

Executive summary

I’ll explain how people will see nothing when they are punished if they see anything. This goes for the CDC, FDA, doctors, the medical community, medical examiners, etc. It’s a corrupt system with a positive feedback loop that exacerbates the problem. When the doctors are silenced, the people and the media believe everything is fine. Which makes it easier for more doctors to believe the narrative. The media can justify their bias to only report one side of the narrative because it look like the vaccine is working exactly as advertised.

But the root of the problem is the CDC.

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They haven’t found any deaths because they have not told any medical examiners and pathologists how to spot a vaccine-related death.

They know that to make an association with a death and the vaccine, specialized stains and procedures are required. They will not even request anyone to do this, and they will not ask for this staining to be done for any of the autopsy reports they have received. They could easily do this to find out the truth. They don’t do it because they don’t want to know and nobody in Congress is ever going to hold them accountable as long as the Democrats are in control.

It’s not like the protocols aren’t available. I document a very accurate protocol here. If the CDC doesn’t like it, then they should promote a protocol that finds even more association than that one.

So why haven’t they done this?

Because they are rewarded based on the # of shots delivered, not the # of lives saved.

How do I know that?

I talked to someone who used to work there.

Why the CDC hasn’t found any deaths due the vaccine

The news media can “justify” their bias by claiming that the CDC hasn’t found anyone who died from the vaccine.

But I was able to do this very easily. Check out this video of an obvious death caused by the vaccine (it was verified by multiple doctors who reviewed the records). The video has details of how the hospital and medical examiner cover it up.

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