How Believers Can Win ‘Impossible’ Cultural Battles

How Believers Can Win ‘Impossible’ Cultural Battles by Karen Hardin for Charisma News

Spiritual battles are being waged all around us. Not only for our nation, but in our lives personally.

The question is: Are we seeing victory? Are you seeing victory?

Over the years, I have won battles in the natural realm that had to be waged and won first in the spiritual realm. This has included areas such as health issues, infertility, betrayal in business, finances, the desire for a house—multiple areas in which breakthroughs came. However, we’ve all had prayers that didn’t seem to receive an answer.

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Why Lord? I asked my heart hurting for areas in which people have been contending for years.

The Lord spoke to me, “The battle may be won, but you must win the battle.” That means, although He has done His part, we must do ours.

I’m in a battle right now in which I have heard the Holy Spirit confirm the victory. However, until I see the manifestation, I am not backing off. I continue to praise, rejoice and pray regarding the situation as we pull the answer from heaven to earth. I’m contending until I see the manifestation.

In order to win a battle in the spiritual realm, we must first have the Word of God as our foundation. We cannot stand for a victory if we don’t have a promise that victory is ours. Each time I have experienced a battle, I have spent time with the Lord at the beginning to receive a scripture. This is my word from Him on which I can stand. Once He speaks it to me, I refuse to let it go.

Our battle with infertility was one such battle. So was a situation we had with a real estate transaction in which the seller refused to honor the contract. It got so bad that it almost sent us into bankruptcy. In both of those situations, the answer to our prayers did not come overnight. We had to contend for the answer. In fact, my husband and I had to continue to contend when we were told “it is impossible.”

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