CERN’S Tower Of Babel

CERN’S Tower Of Babel BY TIAR’A PUBLICATIONS via Prophecy News Watch

Is Cern synonymous with The Tower of Babel?

“The way forward, according to Oilp and her colleagues, is to build a vertical accelerator that will put gravity to the test directly” – These are words published on Cern’s official website concerning what they dubbed, The Space Elevator article: An idea proposed by Russian scientist, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1895 – a structure rising from the equator to a height of 35,786 km – the altitude of a geostationary orbit.

Cern’s proposed Space Elevator structure rises 2.5 km above the Swiss countryside. Sounds like The Holy Bible’s Tower of Babel. Now, before we continue let’s eliminate the elephant from the room, come out right and let you know, Cern published their “Space Elevator” article as a harmless April Fool’s Day joke. But was it?

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You’ve heard the expression, “hiding in plain sight”. If you’ve lived long enough you must have. If you haven’t, “hiding in plain sight” refers to a situation in which “character one” (who has done something bad, i.e., a crime) jokes with character two (the naïve audience) about what he has done but conceals the truth within said joke. Call it character one’s guilt overflowing to the point he can no longer contain the information. Perhaps, character one is venting, utilizing comedy as the cure for his secret disease. Either way, beware of “jokes” because some of them may indeed be fact simply “hiding in plain sight”.

Cern was created on September 29th, 1954. It’s mission, as per the company’s official website: “Provide a unique range of particle accelerator facilities that enable research at the forefront of human knowledge. Perform world-class research in fundamental physics. Unite people from all over the world to push the frontiers of science and technology, for the benefit of all.” For those of you keeping abreast with the narrative, you’ll notice key words, “all” and “unite”.

Have you ever wondered, who invented the internet? Well, look no further. It was Cern, and employee, Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist. Mr. Berners-Lee invented the innovative mechanism that disintegrates geographical, cultural and language barriers and connects us “all” in 1989. The birth of The World Wide Web.

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