Are You an ‘Election Denier’? A ‘Christian Nationalist’? Or Maybe Just a ‘Kulak’?

Are You an ‘Election Denier’? A ‘Christian Nationalist’? Or Maybe Just a ‘Kulak’? By JOHN ZMIRAK for The Stream

Our enemies don’t think that we’re really human. Not that they know what “human” means, or even have a halfway coherent theory which they carry around in their heads.

Half the time, leftists take comfort in Darwin’s fable, and tell themselves that we’re just brainy apes. That’s the worldview they use when they want to dismantle something that stands between them and whatever they want at the moment. (For instance, when they’re faced with some moral taboo that Caesar, Mammon, or Sodom has decided is inconvenient.)

The other half of the time, leftists seem to believe that we are disembodied spirits — far “above” the mere demands of mortal flesh and bone. They whip that theory out when they face a different obstacle, for instance the stark biological chasm dividing male from female. Then they’re not trousered quasi-chimps but demons, defying the narrow confines of a creator who trapped their grandiose souls in frail, failing bodies.

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Aha, I’ve Caught You in a Logical Contradiction! (Crickets)

You might think you’re being clever by confronting some Progressive with this howling contradiction. Don’t bother. He’ll just say something mindless in a condescending tone, like “That’s not the same thing.” But his face will give him away. It will wear the look a hungry dog does when you put up the bag of smoked duck’s feet. You’re not dealing with intellect but appetite.

The closest Progressives come to reconciling the tensions in their schizophrenic, alternating, subhuman/demon theory of what human beings really are is this: They are the real humans, who are ultimately guided by rationality and compassion, while everyone else is an unruly, aggressive animal. Economists and policymakers have even codified this shockingly elitist theory, and given a cute little name.

They call it “Nudge.” The smart and enlightened people who drive to their government jobs in their Priuses with Ivy League stickers on the back concoct policies that manipulate the public into … doing what’s best for them. (Based on the decisions of “experts,” “fact-checkers,” and “credentialed professionals,” of course. Don’t worry your pretty head about it.) These won’t rely on reason (poor dears!) but on behavioral psychology. That is, on the techniques picked up from studying rats and other animals in the lab. Essentially, it means designing mazes for us to run in pursuit of cheese.

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