Will Nuclear War Be The End Of Our Civilization?

Will Nuclear War Be The End Of Our Civilization? by  for End Of The American Dream

Can we please not have a cataclysmic nuclear war which would result in most of the population of the world starving to death?  I don’t think that is an unreasonable request.  There are nine guys that collectively control virtually all of the nuclear weapons on the planet.  If something goes wrong and some of them start firing their weapons, billions of people could end up dead.  In fact, a brand new study that was just published on Monday came to the conclusion that approximately two-thirds of the entire population of the globe could starve to death if there is a nuclear war between the United States and Russia.  So that is definitely something that we should try to avoid at all costs.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden and his all-star team of warmongers have been relentlessly provoking both Russia and China ever since Biden first entered the White House.  Now we have a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, and thanks to Nancy Pelosi’s recent antics we are now dangerously close to a war with China over Taiwan.

Of course Russia and China both have nuclear weapons, and a major conflict with either one of them would bring us to the brink of the unthinkable.

Most Americans assume that if a nuclear war ever happened most of the population would be instantly blown to bits and would not need to worry about what comes afterwards.

But that isn’t true at all.

Yes, if you live near a military base, a missile silo or some other strategic target you will probably be immediately wiped out by a nuclear blast.

However, as I have discussed in previous articles, other studies have determined that only about 20 percent of the U.S. population would die right away if there is a nuclear war with Russia.

That doesn’t mean that most of the population would survive.  In the end, starvation would kill far more people than anything else.

And that is precisely what this brand new study is saying.  A nuclear exchange between the United States and Russia would result in massive amounts of soot being sent into the atmosphere, and all of that soot would partially block the sunlight coming in for many years.

According to the study, global temperatures would be reduced “by more than 58ºF” in the aftermath of a full-blown nuclear conflict…

The largest scenario examined, a week-long war involving 4,400 weapons and 150 Tg, or 330.6 billion pounds, of soot – such as one that would occur between the U.S., its allies and Russia – would kill 360 million people directly – and more than 5 billion from starvation, the study said. The density of the soot would reduce global temperatures by more than 58ºF.

It would truly be a “nuclear winter”, and very little would be grown for years.

Things would be particularly nightmarish in the northern hemisphere.  Almost everyone north of the equator would be facing starvation, but meanwhile those south of the equator would fare relatively better

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