Well Being: Ultra-processed Foods

Well Being: Ultra-processed Foods by Robert W Malone MD, MS – SubStack

We all know they aren’t good for us – it is long past time to stop buying them.

It is possible. We can make simple changes in our habits that will have huge consequences on our health and quality of life. These changes are often best brought about by first determining what needs changing and then developing new habits.

But what if some of those habits could be changed by just shopping differently in the grocery store? Rather than waiting to think about food choices until you want that snack or begin cooking a meal at home, what if you made those choices at the shops, farmers markets, while online shopping or even in your kitchen garden. I am a big believer in the habit of shopping healthy. Maybe you are like Jill and I, if we don’t have it in the house, we don’t eat it… That simple.

I don’t change my habits easily. If you are like me, you need to understand that there are good reasons to make a change before putting in the work required to change a personal behavior. In my case, after six decades spinning around the sun, I have developed habits that are so deeply embedded into my daily life that it takes some pretty powerful forces to get me to change. Often data or logic is not enough, and it takes some crisis or new fear to persuade that change is necessary.

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Jill and I are trying to bring a focus on wellness into both our daily lives and our daily essays. But many very capable colleagues already write or speak on wellness. What we strive to do is to continue our focus on bringing data-based analyses to our readers, but at least once a week to turn from the COVIDcrisis to more general wellness topics. So, while reading new research that has just been published, we came across an article on processed foods that blew us away. Then we dug deeper into the issue of ultra-processed food on “Pubmed.”

The more we researched, the more we became convinced that we can all easily make some very small changes to our diet which will make huge differences to our longterm health and that of our children. So in this essay we bring a focus on some recently published studies which have convinced us to shop a little differently, to eat a little differently. I certainly think I am going to pay a little more attention to what we buy. At our house, what gets bought, ends up being what gets put on the table.

Rather than nagging – let’s look to the science, new science, new data to help guide us in making smart food choices.

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