Persecution of Patriots While The Government Refuses To Listen To We The People

Persecution of Patriots While The Government Refuses To Listen To We The People By J.B. Shurk for American Thinker

A nation divided against itself cannot stand. The time is approaching, if it has not already passed, when no governmental reforms or rhetorical promises will save what is broken.

These are the times that try men’s souls. Patriotic, law-abiding Americans have been voicing their grievances against the federal government for years, if not decades.

They have called out the ever-growing administrative state that seeks control over every part of an American’s life. They have called out the politicization of justice and the unequal application of the law. They have denounced the domestic surveillance Deep State that tracks their movements, reads their emails and texts, and monitors their bank accounts without warrants or probable cause.

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They have urged state governments to reclaim powers stolen by federal authorities, and they have begged federal politicians to return to a system of true federalism, separation of powers, and balanced government. They have screamed at the top of their lungs for Congress to stop spending money it does not have and to fulfill its decades of promises to secure the porous Southern border from endless illegal immigration saturating small interior communities with crime, murder, drugs, and social disintegration.

The federal government has refused to listen.

A mere four years from the 250th anniversary of the thirteen colonies’ Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, and much of America now sees history repeating itself. A tyrannical system of government that rules imperiously from its royal city walls has become every bit a threat to human liberty today as it was two and a half centuries ago. A faceless, unelected, and unaccountable administrative army makes and enforces its own rules and uses its byzantine system of regulation and taxation to intimidate ordinary Americans into compliance and submission.

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