Prophecy: Jesus Said These Events Are Indicators of His Imminent Return

Prophecy: Jesus Said These Events Are Indicators of His Imminent Return by Shelby Lindsay for Charisma News

Rumors of wars, monkeypox, escalating tensions, division and confusion are all running rampant across the world stage right now at a rate that is unprecedented. Military analysts are saying that we are now entering into World War III, and we are looking at the destabilization of global economies.

Monday night, President Donald Trump announced a raid on his Mar-A-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida. “These are dark times for our nation,” Trump wrote. Americans nationwide are continuing to wonder.

“This sort of move requires serious levels of trust by the American public in its institutions,” Political Commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted. Shapiro continued to say, “That trust no longer exists. If those institutions fail yet again, and target the leader of Joe Biden’s political opposition in doing so, this looks like banana republic stuff.”

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This may be a surprise and a shock to most people in the world who haven’t read the Bible. We are watching a dismantling of decent society on a global scale right before our eyes. But the Bible talks clearly about each of these global events and their leading to the return of Jesus Christ.

“As many have said, if America fails, where can the rest of the world turn? And did you know—that falls right in line with biblical prophecy, this world must come to a point where people look around for hope,” Pastor Jack Hibbs said in a recent message at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.

On top of the current political crisis in America, North Korea is set to conduct its seventh nuclear test and its first since January of 2017. China has sent dozens of warplanes into the skies near Taiwan, and Russia and Iran are working together in reported plights against Israel.

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