Back to School: Defend Your Child Against Spiritual Attack in the Classroom

Back to School: Defend Your Child Against Spiritual Attack in the Classroom by Shelby Lindsay for Charisma News

Parents nationwide are buying back-to-school supplies, making lunches and figuring out what extra circular activities their child will be involved in—but what they may not be preparing for is the onslaught against parental rights in schools.

Teacher Brenda Lebsack has been part of the educational system for 30 years, and after years of digging into the Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology agendas for schools, she’s speaking out on the spiritual attack against the body of Christ nationwide.

Charisma News sat down with Lebsack, who explains what she believes is a smoke screen to accomplish hidden demonic plans.

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“What they do, just like a cult, they love bomb them with affirmation, ‘you can be anything you want to be, and we will love you unconditionally unlike your parents who might be parents of faith,'” Lebsack says.

Now Lebsack is encouraging parents to be proactive, and not “wait for it to happen.” Here is a list of a few tips she says will help you identify what is going on in your child’s school.

  • If their teacher, principal or superintendent uses pronouns in their sign off, that’s a sign that they are either part of the activism movement or they are enabling the activism movement.
  • Check and see if your child’s school uses the Trevor Project or TrevorSpace—a chat line where kids are mixed in with unvetted, random adults to explore their genders and sexualities. “This is very dangerous and parents have no idea,” Lebsack says.
  • Look at the books that are being taught in Sex Education classes or even as early as Kindergarten. Books like, What Are Your Words, or It Feels Good To Be Yourself,which Lebsack says actually create gender dysphoria by telling a child as young as five their pronouns can change “like the weather.”

Lebsack says over the years of attending education conventions for teachers and school board members, she has seen what she feels is “hate speech towards people of faith.” Now on top of that—parental rights are being removed from their underage children and put into the hands of the child and the school district.

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