Liberal World Order Dies of Logic Deficiency

Liberal World Order Dies of Logic Deficiency Author: Phil Butler for Journal-NEO

The people who live under the striped woke boots of western leadership are treated like clueless cattle in route to the slaughterhouse. The mainstream media has become useless to anyone after the truth for a long time. However, it is useful for mirroring the state of affairs of our world. Read the following headline from CNBC, and decide for yourself what’s wrong. Let’s look, briefly, at what just does not add up in the Russophobia circus.

“Zelenskyy says Russia using gas to terrorize Europe; About 80 grain vessels ready to leave Ukraine” – Amanda Macias, CNBC

Amanda Macias, who covers national security and foreign policy for CNBC quotes Ukraine’s clown president saying Russia has launched a “gas war.” She points out in the same title how Russia’s clearing of a grain corridor to help the hungry is a western victory somehow. Her story is mostly made up from Zelensky’s statements, but US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s assurances to the Kyiv regime about weapons transfers to Zelensky were a highlight.

Macias, some may recall, is the journalist who was sleeping with a Pentagon counterterrorism analyst Henry Kyle Frese when top secret information was passed to the press. At least there’s some logic in the reporter’s actions, given her ex-boyfriend went to jail for what amounted to espionage.

One of Macias’ stories using Frese information was about China’s installation of a surface-to-air missile system off the Chinese mainland. As anyone who has ever watched a spy movie knows, some asset somewhere could get killed over such a leak. But reporters these days get work and meals by toeing the line. And this is where logic and truth are abandoned in favor of the narrative.

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The Russians will weaponize their gas! Would Europe prefer Putin to use nuclear deterrents to defend his country from the assault from Washington and London? Or, should the Russian president mobilize all conventional forces and smash eastern Europe completely? For those who’ve lost all touch with reason, why isn’t Kyiv a smoking heap of ashes right now? What kind of imbeciles watch and read CNBC and fail to understand?

Get this. No, really. Get this. The European Union expects Russia to keep supplying gas, even though the EU has essentially cut off Russia. They insist Putin tell Gazprom to give the Germans the gas they need to make BMWs, while they engage in an unprecedented proxy war on the Russians. Since the elites could not steal the Russian legacy, they now demand the Russians capitulate and “donate” their gas and other key resources. They declare war, and then try to make the rules. Meanwhile, Putin’s hypersonic missiles do not darken the skies over Ukraine’s biggest cities. Only Donbas towns fortified with Nazis get hammered. Has anyone asked how come Volodymyr Zelenskyy is even still alive? After all, the Russians are accused of assassinating droves of people with deadly Russian nerve agents. Funny, isn’t it, that no western visitor to Kyiv has been scared to death to be seen in Ukraine’s capital? Finally, how illogical is this? That the Russians would “terrorize” Europe using gas, while agreeing to open a sea they control in order to feed the impoverished of the world?

Eventually, the disconnect with reason will end this ludicrous liberal order that’s bled the world these last 75 years. And perhaps then there won’t be any more energy, food, or proxy wars. I think Europe is terrorizing itself, in order to milk its people for the last tiny droplet of oil and blood. Am I logical?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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