GOP’s Dan Cox vows to use state police to oppose Biden gov’t if elected Maryland governor

GOP’s Dan Cox vows to use state police to oppose Biden gov’t if elected Maryland governor – The Washington Times

GNN Note – We need more Governors of this caliber. With more and more strong Constitutionalist on the horizon we can stop the Democrats at the federal level. The states have the power, not the federal level government. Our Founding Fathers knew those people would become corrupt and attempt to take over the country. We now have several states that either have very strong leadership or tough leadership. We just need a few more to tip the scale. / END

Decries government tactics after FBI raid on Trump’s home in Florida

Dan Cox, the Republican nominee for Maryland governor, is vowing to use the state police and the National Guard to oppose a “tyrannical” Biden administration if elected in November.

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Mr. Cox’s claim in a fundraising email was the evidence that the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s estate in Florida will reverberate throughout the political landscape.

“As governor I will use the 9th and 10th Amendments, the Maryland Constitution and Declaration of Rights, the MSP and Maryland Guard to stand against all rogue actions of this out of control tyrannical Biden administration with fierce tenacity,” Mr. Cox told supporters. “Our children, families and loved ones and the freedom we cherish and is our birthright as Americans demand we oppose these criminal acts of this current administration.”

Mr. Cox also described the Mar-a-Lago raid as “nothing short of communist stasi police state tactics.”

The Department of Justice and the FBI have not revealed much about the search, what they were looking for or if they are investigating specific alleged crimes.

The raid is believed to be part of an investigation into whether classified documents were taken to Mar-a-Lago rather than sent to the National Archives as required by law.

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