Amazing Grace | John 8:1-11 (Video)

Amazing Grace | John 8:1-11 Video by Pastor, Gary Hamrick for Cornerstone Chapel Leesburg VA

One of the most vivid and tender stories about God’s grace is found in John 8. A woman was caught in adultery and was brought to Jesus and publicly humiliated before a crowd. It was all a set-up in an attempt to test or trap Jesus. The religious leaders quoted the Old Testament law that this woman should be stoned to death for committing adultery and they wanted to know what Jesus thought. The Lord’s response was that “whoever is without sin should throw the first stone at her.” All the accusers walked away being “convicted in their conscience.” Jesus showed the woman tender grace and then told her to leave her life of sin. No person is better or worse than another—we ALL are in desperate need of God’s grace. Pastor Gary teaches about God’s grace in today’s study from John 8 and concludes with the background on the song, Amazing Grace, by John Newton.

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