The Right Hand of God

The Right Hand of God by Myra Kahn Adams for Town Hall

Author’s Note: Readers can find all previous volumes of this series here. The first 56 volumes are compiled into the book “Bible Study For Those Who Don’t Read The Bible.”  Part Two, featuring volumes 57-113, will be published later this year.

Thanks for joining us today for our study about the “Right Hand of God.” After feeling “called” to write about this familiar phrase that permeates Scripture, I asked Jonathan Cahn for his definition. Cahn — a Messianic Jewish rabbi, Hope of the World ministries leader, and No. 1 best-selling Harbinger series author  — wrote, “The right hand is the hand of power.”

Upon reading Rabbi Cahn’s email on my phone, I was struck by the irony. In our modern age, we think we have “power” endowed to us through our handheld devices. Consider all the tweets, photos, videos, news, or gossip scoops that instantly ricochet locally and globally — regardless of whether they are “real” or “fake.”

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From our handheld device, power is defined by the number of “followers” that qualifies you as an “influencer.” But even if you are not an official “influencer,” you can be powerfully “influential” by simply texting “praying for you” to a friend going through a tough time.

Our handheld device — a conduit to a range of human emotions — enables us to give and receive love, and feel secure, connected, appreciated, respected, and in touch. But, it is easy to forget that the power we derive from our devices is fleeting and man-made.

For example, if all the communication satellites suddenly fell to earth, poof goes our power. Last year my phone malfunctioned and literally went dark. Then, during the four days it took to procure a replacement, I felt disconnected and “powerless.” My hand without its handheld had lost its power. Worse, I hated knowing that I had been so tethered to my phone and despised the high-tech gods to whom we must all bow.

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