#FBI Raids #PresidentTrump’s #Mar_A_Lago Home – Break Into Safe

#FBI Raids #PresidentTrump’s #Mar_A_Lago Home – Break Into Safe

Time for Patriots to rise up and take action.

Our nation is currently under siege from within and the Southern Border.

Arrest Merick Garland and Christopher Wray. Arrest EVERY FBI agent that entered Mar-A-Lago and every Secret Service Agent that stood-down and allowed the FBI to enter President Trump’s home.

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Yes… Pay close attention to the “Republicans” that are silent and listen intently to the ones speaking out. The ones speaking out will use this to their gain and attempt to white-wash their RINO behavior.

The persecution of President Trump & his supporters has been going on for 7 years!
It’s a disgrace. When will Republican “leaders” grow a spine and put an end to this ABUSE?

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