The Essence of Collapse Part II

The Essence of Collapse Part II by Rory for The Daily Coin

GNN Note – Originally published March 2019. / END

When I wrote part I there was no intention of there being a part II. Now that the landscape is becoming filled with the debris of collapse it is obvious there will probably be more than two parts.

The one central theme of a collapsing economy/empire/society/community whatever you wish to call it, the one central theme that is stripped away is God. When God is removed economies/empires/societies/communities collapse. All of the other symptoms are clearly in focus, but it is without question, that when a society turns it’s back on God and begins to accept decadence as normal, rest assured that society is on it’s last leg and will soon fall. We are seeing this on a global scale.

Never in history has there been anything like we are witnessing at this time. Maybe it’s because of the technology that we can see and study what is happening on the other side of the planet or maybe it’s because it’s never been this widespread. Whatever the reason it is undeniable that what is happening is global.

The yellow vest protest in France, the election of populist/nationalist in Italy, Brazil, Austria, Spain not to mention what is happening in England with BREXiT and the election of Trump in the U.S.. This is to say nothing of the rise of Orthodox Christianity in Russia, Africa and South America. Hungary making a stand and deporting all immigrants and shutting their border down to immigrants. We are seeing a massive shift that is really something to think about. If you can explain it, believe me, I am all ears and more than willing to give it a good listen.

People the world over are divided into two camps. On the one hand we have the “free love, love everybody” group. Open borders, homosexuality is normal, trans-whatever is normal and hey, it’s perfectly natural to abort, I mean murder, a new born child. It’s all good.

Then you have rational thinking people that see these issues as not only being wrong, but, exposing a deep-seeded flaw in our thinking, in our heart and in our soul. These are the people that are beginning to stand up. They have been silent for a number of years, but their voices are beginning to rise. Their hearts are heavy and it seems the inflection point is rapidly approaching. While I do not condone violence it seems that civil unrest, on-mass, is inevitable. Just as President Kennedy stated so many years ago, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” If you don’t believe me one quick trip through history will prove this point in spades.

If God has been removed from your life it may be a good time for a reintroduction. You have absolutely nothing to lose and an entire world to gain. Once again my challenge to you is for you to question what I am saying and do some real research. Get to church, get involved with your community, make some real friends.

If you’re family, community and country mean anything to you, now is the time, it’s about to get serious. The enemy is not only inside the gate, they have been invited to sit at the head of the table.

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