Court Rules Hospital Can Shut Off 12-Year-Old Boy’s Life Support Despite His Mother’ Objections

Court Rules Hospital Can Shut Off 12-Year-Old Boy’s Life Support Despite His Mother’ Objections by Micaiah Bilger for Life News

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A British hospital plans to remove the life support from a 12-year-old boy Wednesday against his parents’ wishes after the country’s Supreme Court rejected his family’s case.

ITV News reports Archie Battersbee has been unconscious since April 7 when he was found at home in Southend, Essex, England, with a ligature over his head. His mother, Holly Dance, said she thinks her son was trying an online challenge.

“They’re not just taking a child away from me and Paul. They’re destroying the whole family,” Dance said after the ruling Tuesday. “It’s not right, it’s not right, and something needs to be done – reform desperately needs to be taking place in this country.”

Archie suffered extensive brain damage, and his family wants to move him to hospice. However, they have been involved in a legal battle with the Royal London Hospital in east London, which wants to remove Archie’s life support, according to the BBC.

On Tuesday, the British Supreme Court rejected the family’s appeal, meaning the hospital may move forward with withdrawing the boy’s life support.

According to ITV News, a lower court judge previously agreed with the hospital that removing Archie’s life support is in his best interest. The judge pointed to medical evidence that found “damage to [Archie’s] brain has deprived him of any bodily autonomy.”

In the ruling Tuesday, the high court wrote: “As Sir Andrew MacFarlane recorded in his earlier judgment of July 25, there is no prospect of any meaningful recovery. Even if life-sustaining treatment were to be maintained, Archie would die in the course of the next few weeks through organ failure and then heart failure.”

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