Want to know what’s inside the vaccine vials?

Want to know what’s inside the vaccine vials? by Steve Kirsch – SubStack

One of our colleagues ran a mass spectrometry analysis of 5 vials. I’ll tell you what he found. Do you think any US academic institution will look inside? Or will they all refuse my funding?

Executive summary

One of my colleagues did mass spectrometry on 5 vaccine vials from Moderna and Pfizer.

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He found PEG, but no phosphorus which means he found the lipid nanoparticles, but no payload. A bunch of blanks. No mRNA.

Some people speculate that it’s because there was breakdown of the mRNA because it wasn’t kept at temperature. Nice theory, but that would violate the laws of physics. If there was mRNA in the vials, we’d find phosphorus, it doesn’t matter if the strands are broken or degraded. Stable elements don’t degrade.

I’m amazed that no medical researcher wants to know what is inside the vials. I’ll happily provide the grant money!

We need to replicate his results

I’ll happily provide the grant money for any scientist at a US-based university lab who wants to do this study as it might explain why the vaccines don’t work.

This would be a critically important study that could save lives.

How to respond

If you are interested in this, please contact me ASAP.

Who will accept my money to do the research?

I’m pretty sure that no scientist at UCSF, MIT, Caltech, Harvard, and Stanford will take my money to fund the study. I’d be amazed if I’m wrong on that.

But that tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it? Who ever heard of a university turning down grant money? It does happen of course, but it is rare (usually because some strings are attached to the grant like you have to publish the results no matter which way they turn out).

I’m guessing there will be no takers, but maybe these people might do it.

Why isn’t the CDC paying for a study like this?

The CDC never commissioned such a study. The only reason I can think of that they didn’t do this is that they know if anyone found out the truth, it would create huge vaccine hesitancy.

Is it really the responsibility of misinformation superspreaders such as myself to fund the QA work on the vaccine program?

I’m willing to fund it, but for it to have credibility, it must be done at a US university.

Does anyone know of any such institution in the US who will take my money? If you find one, please let me know in the comments.

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