The Regime Wants You to Get Monkeypox

The Regime Wants You to Get Monkeypox By  for American Greatness

Rather than face disapproving comments from gay activists, public health experts, the media, and politicians preferred to let a deadly disease become an epidemic.

The World Health Organization on Saturday declared the spread of monkeypox to be a global health emergency, one of just three in the world, along with COVID and polio.

Once confined to fairly limited outbreaks in Africa, the latest monkeypox outbreak has reached more than 75 countries with more than 16,000 confirmed cases (the actual number is doubtless much higher). While just three deaths have been reported, that number is certain to climb and the lasting consequences of contracting it, including scarring and other serious side effects, can be quite significant.

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It is ironic that the WHO has declared monkeypox a global health emergency, because the global regime under which we labor (of which the WHO is certainly a part) wants you to get monkeypox.

They want your kids—who are at much higher risk than adults for serious complications—to get monkeypox.

You may doubt it. You may question whether the government would want everyone to contract a painful, debilitating, and potentially deadly disease—and, indeed, have that disease become endemic around the world—rather than anger key constituent groups.

Question all you like. But it is true.

The importance of your health and even your life is trivial to the regime compared to their need to appear morally virtuous.

Don’t believe me? They have done it before, with deadly consequences.

No, I’m not talking about COVID—though the depredations of our government’s response to the pandemic will be studied for a long time to come. Instead, I’m referring to the AIDS epidemic, a more direct analogue to monkeypox, which was first spread by extremely promiscuous gay men with hundreds and sometimes thousands of anonymous sex partners.

The government in the 1980s lied about who was really at risk and refused for politically correct reasons to take steps public health authorities knew would have dramatically reduced infections. Those of us who lived through the AIDS epidemic remember this well. For those who don’t, read Randy Shilts’ outstanding book And the Band Played On, considered the epidemic’s definitive history. Shilts was a pioneering gay journalist who later would succumb to AIDS. But unlike today’s left-wing journalists, Shilts cared more about the truth than politically correct nostrums.

Political cowardice turned an easily containable outbreak into an endemic disease with a significant morbidity and mortality profile, one that may require millions of Americans to receive a vaccination with potentially serious risks.

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