Media Hacks Pout As Republicans Treat Them Like the Trash They Are

Media Hacks Pout As Republicans Treat Them Like the Trash They Are by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

The media is our enemy and it is wonderful to finally see Republicans treating reporters as what they are – digital vermin whose sole function is to shrimp the toes of the regime. There has been a rash of media handwringing because GOP superstars like Ron DeSantis are not allowing the media access to candidates or events. At the Sunshine Summit the other week in the Free State of Florida, Ruthless Ron and his superstar comms staff simply refused to allow the mutants in. Dave Weigel, apparently back on the job after his utter humiliation at the hands of some fussy girls at WaPo, was rejected and ejected and sat outside the velvet rope away from the action.


Our boy Brian Stelter – who is a potato – was tweeting about how the GOP was not talking to reporters or coming on their shows. We can assume it is probably another attack on democracy or something. This tuber tirade should make us smile.

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Republicans are getting it. Finally.

For a while, the model was that glop of human Miracle Whip Mitt Romney, who was basically ritually disemboweled by the media during his hapless 2012 candidacy but now gets media hits because he will reliably hate on actual conservatives. We’re supposed to help them with their narrative, to assist them in promoting the donkey party line, but if we become a challenge we’re back to enemy status. John Fredo Cronyn got a little good press with his gun law sell-out, but now he’s the antichrist again.

Well, maybe that’s a bad analogy, since the media hate Christians and would think that was a compliment.

The media craves the respect and cooperation due an apolitical, neutral Fourth Estate dedicated to informing the citizenry, but it also wants the fun and rewards that come with slavishly repeating every regime talking point as if it was the objective truth. You cannot have that human petri dish of a president announce that we are not in a recession even though the literal definition of a recession is two quarters of negative growth, then nod vigorously that “Yes, of course the definition is not the definition, master” and expect us not to notice and hate you.

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