Destroying Christianity From Within

Destroying Christianity From Within by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

A recent article would have Christians believe that being separated from one another is healthy, growing and is what others in their peer group want for themselves. Not only does Christ dispel this lie, published by some of the larger “Christian” websites, Jesus Christ tells us to gather together – you know, person to person.

This nonsense is so far beyond the pale it’s laughable. The thing is, people read this, believe it and then act upon on it. Jesus Christ never once said – “everyone stay home, shout to to one-another from across the courtyard and never pray together while not holding hands or laying hands on one another.” Where does Jesus say anything like this? He doesn’t. Why? Because if anyone knows the power of touch, especially when it is blood family touching other members of their own family, it is Jesus Christ.

This so-called study would have us believe that online church services are healthy and the way of the future. What better way to destroy the church than have people believe “attending” church by way of a Facebook feed or Zoom call will bring them closer to God?

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For religious millennials — a generation with one of the lowest rates of participation in organized in-person religious activities in North America — engaging with digital religion has made their faith experience richer, while some who don’t go to church have found religion in digital spaces, a new study suggests.

The study, “Digital Religion Among U.S. and Canadian Millennial Adults,” recently published in the Review of Religious Research, explores the prevalence of some digital religion practices among 18- to 35-year-old millennials in the U.S. and Canada using data from the 2019 Millennial Trends Survey. Source

The “study” is hidden behind a pay wall which we are not supporting so, what little we saw from the link above leaves massive holes in the theories presented by the author. The author of the article never once mentions the number of participants in the study. For us, this is a problem. especially with the article citing time and again, that 29% of these people or 41% of this group or 11% of these. There is nothing of substance to give these percentages any meaning whatsoever.

This is not the first time we have come across this type of “study” speaking contrary to the Bible and Jesus Christ’ teachings.

“What we’re seeing [now] is the exodus of the late majority [from traditional churches]. We’re not seeing the exodus of early adopters [of technology], and the early majority of innovators. They’ve been gone already for a while,” Lunday said. “Church of the future is a network. And it’s going to be digitally based. It’s not going to be geographically based. It’s going to be built on relationships and purpose.” Source

The last paragraph of this article is very telling. In a flowery, wordy way it, basically, concludes that millennials don’t really have time nor desire to experience church the way Jesus Christ discusses but rather, the author gives the whole digital forum a pass and opens the door to the absolute destruction of the church as we now know it. The “old people” just don’t get it. Keep in mind that Russia just a few short years ago was building three churches a day – THREE ChURCHES A DAY – to satisfy the growing need the citizens of Russia were expressing about Jesus Christ and coming together as a community. Either Russia has it backwards or this latest article is just another fox guarding the henhouse.

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