We Will Choose Revival

We Will Choose Revival by AMIR GEORGE for Charisma News

“We will choose a future of renewal and revival of a nation that is more exceptional than ever before” said President Donald J. Trump as he returned to Washington D.C. for the first time since leaving the city on Jan. 20, following the election.

With the polls hovering around 20% approval, the Ragnar ratings are clearly showing that there was no way more people voted for the feckless Joe Biden than Barack Obama. The room was electric as Donald J. Trump spoke to his longtime supporters and friends as he referred to the election which he won, until it was stolen as described in the movie 2000 Mules with a classic “color revolution” combining false ballots, engineered election machines and an organized attack on anyone who dare speak the truth.

“We need to drain the swamp and we need to make it easier to remove bureaucrats, and congress should make it the law to remove the deep state so Washington will be an entirely different place.”

Referring to the election of 2020, the president said, “There should be mail in voting except for military with only paper ballots, same day voting like they just had in France where 55 million people voted in one day with all paper ballots,” outlining the way forward and clearly standing up to Pence, and was speaking across town to a tiny group.

The president went on to shame the January 6 Commission which was formed with no Republican approved member, no cross examination and no legal power to summon. He also promised to pardon and restore all benefits to all military and others who lost their jobs for refusing the MRNA shot.

“We will pardon all those who lost their jobs and restore all the back pay for those who suffered.”

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