Narcissistic Rage on the Left

Narcissistic Rage on the Left By James Lewis for American Thinker

Different people have different emotional styles — a fact that is important today, because the Democrat party, which used to sound moderate, is now specializing in screaming rage.

When New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin was nearly murdered by a knife-wielding thug the other day, we probably saw a direct result of screaming rage being broadcast, over and over again, by the Big Media.  We should not be surprised if this happens more often in this political climate.

The woke left today is full of narcissistic rage,” as its called in psychiatry.  Hitler exhibited narcissistic rage in his radio speeches, and that style of emotional agitation can be powerful in stirring people up.  But during the same years, FDR gave calm radio chats that were meant to reassure Americans.  Conservatives might not love FDR, but nobody would confuse him with Hitler.

What is worrisome today is that the Obama-Biden left now seems to be deliberately adopting narcissistic rage as a weapon of war.  This cant be pure chance, because the Democrats have a small army of high-paid consultants who write and massage their public messages.  When Liz Warren does her Vladimir Lenin imitation, we can see the professional polish of her act.  Those high-paid media spinners of the left will undoubtedly raise their rhetorical heat higher and higher toward the midterms.  That will not be an accident.  Some of the woke left may be genuinely mad, but there is method in their madness.  Their aim is to make all of us a little more mad.

Most Americans dont like psychiatric jargon, but we dont need jargon to feel Hitlers narcissistic rage in those old speeches, even if we dont understand the words.  Screaming hatred is a danger signal in everyday life, and it tells us to get away from the screamer as fast as possible.  Hitlers radio rages were both deliberate and spontaneous: he went on the air to throw spectacular s— fits, and then he improved his act by getting ever more diabolical.

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