Witches and warlocks: Meet the pastors who shared the Gospel for a decade in a hotbed of witchcraft

Witches and warlocks: Meet the pastors who shared the Gospel for a decade in a hotbed of witchcraft By Billy Hallowell, Op-ed Contributor for The Christian Post

Two pastors who led a unique and fascinating ministry in Salem, Massachusetts — a hotbed of witchcraft and spiritual activity — believe Christians need to turn to “unconditional love” when trying to reach people in difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Guy and Tana Miller, the husband and wife who planted Remix Church in Salem in 2011 and ministered there 10 years before leaving, recently joined “The Playing With Fire Podcast” to discuss how they interacted with witches, Satanists and others in the community — and what some Christians get wrong when trying to reach these groups.

Their ministry, called Remix Church, came about after the couple felt prompted by God to provide pastoral care in Salem.

“I was shocked to find out … there was only a couple, very small but faithful outreaches going on,” Guy said. “There wasn’t a lot of evangelical … witness in Salem, and I was blown away.”

Tana added, “God clearly spoke to us to go into Salem.”

Listen to Guy and Tana discuss their fascinating ministry in Salem:

The couple said, when they arrived, there had been a lot of damage done to biblical witness in the community, as extremists would often come into the area “preaching hate.” This would sometimes happen during the Halloween season when tourism is intense.

“There was witness, and it was just the wrong kind,” Guy said, explaining some ministers came during October and riled the community by preaching God hates witches and God hates gays.

So, the Millers launched their church and dove into one of the most exciting ministry experiences imaginable. Their first step, in light of the aforementioned divide, was to take a relational approach. They began to meet people, interact, show love, and make friends with some surprising people.

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