Humanity Is In the Midst Of A ‘Mutational Meltdown’ That Is Causing Us To Become Smaller, Slower And Dumber

Humanity Is In the Midst Of A ‘Mutational Meltdown’ That Is Causing Us To Become Smaller, Slower And Dumber by  for End of the American Dream

We like to think of ourselves as the pinnacle of human existence, but the truth is that humans have been getting smaller, slower and dumber for quite a while.  So why is this happening?  Over time, human DNA has accumulated an enormous amount of deleterious mutations, and each new generation adds even more.  Our DNA is essentially an “instruction manual”, and these deleterious mutations are essentially “spelling mistakes” in that manual.  Eventually there will be so many mistakes that our “instruction manual” is simply not functional any longer, and that is a major problem.  What this means is that the clock is running down on the human race, and that is a reality that most people don’t want to face.

I know that a lot of you are already confused, and so let me take this one step at a time.

According to a recent BBC article, human brains are now significantly smaller than they were thousands of years ago…

Your ancestors had bigger brains than you. Several thousand years ago, humans reached a milestone in their history – the first known complex civilisations began to emerge. The people walking around and meeting in the world’s earliest cities would have been familiar in many ways to modern urbanites today. But since then, human brains have actually shrunk slightly.

The lost volume, on average, would be roughly equivalent to that of four ping pong balls, says Jeremy DeSilva, an anthropologist at Dartmouth College in the US. And according to an analysis of cranial fossils, which he and colleagues published last year, the shrinkage started just 3,000 years ago.

So does that mean that we are getting dumber?

Well, yes, that is what some scientists believe.  The following comes from NPR

The experts aren’t sure about the implications of this evolutionary trend. Some think it might be a dumbing-down process. One cognitive scientist, David Geary, argues that as human society grows increasingly complex, individuals don’t need to be as intelligent in order to survive and reproduce.

Whether we want to admit it or not, brain size matters.

A chicken is never going to be as smart as a dog, and a dog is never going to be as smart as a human.

And as our brains continue to shrink, humans will just keep getting dumber and dumber.

If you doubt this, just go back and try to read the writings of our founding fathers.

Most Americans today can barely understand what they were trying to say, and that is extremely unfortunate.

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