Christians should not be compelled to lie by using trans pronouns

Christians should not be compelled to lie by using trans pronouns by Paul Huxley for Christian Today

GNN Note – We don’t feel compelled to use any words other the those have been used for hundreds of years. We are NOT playing along with anyones delusion. We will help anyone seeking help with a mental imbalance or otherwise, but we will not support living in a fairy tale. / END

Should Christians use transgender pronouns?

Some people think so, including some Christians that in other ways, I admire. My goal is not to argue with them, but to reframe the question in a more simple form which gets to the heart of the issue for many Christians.

The real question is: should Christians lie?

Those who defend transgender pronouns don’t usually believe they’re lying. They may believe that trans women are women and should share pronouns with biological women. Or they may believe that when they refer to a trans woman as ‘she’, they are not passing judgment on whether it’s true or not; they are simply passing on the trans woman’s preferences.

It’s also true that anyone could use transgender pronouns without knowing – someone we know or bump into may ‘pass’ successfully enough that we use trans pronouns accidentally.

All of this is irrelevant when discussing the case of Dr David Mackereth because he, like many Christians, believes that to knowingly use transgender pronouns is to lie about reality.

We should reflect reality in our speech

It’s not hard to see why. Although our postmodern world talks about ‘my pronouns’ as the ones that each individual chooses for themselves, pronouns like all speech really belong to the people who are speaking, not those who are spoken about. When we speak, each of us describes the world as they understand it. Although our words can be powerful, they do not turn men into women or women into men. In speech, Christians should reflect the reality that God himself has spoken into being, which includes the reality of our natal (i.e. real) sex.

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