Who Will They Get to Do the Tyrants’ Dirty Work?

Who Will They Get to Do the Tyrants’ Dirty Work? by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

The shameful video of Uvalde cops cowering in the hallway while some freakish mutant murdered little kids brings to mind an important point. It’s not a point about the cowardice of badly-led police officers – that point has been made. It’s not the hygiene focus of the guy who paused just standing there to splurt a dollop of hand sanitizer into his paw. It’s not even about the fact that we normal citizens cannot rely on the forces of the government to protect us.

It is the fact that the members of our garbage ruling elite cannot rely on the forces of the government to protect them.

We have seen the systematic weaponization of law enforcement against normal people under the Biden dorktatorship. The FBI has become the personal Stasi of the Democrats, seizing elderly men with SWAT teams, while the DOJ has been selectively prosecuting conservatives, or those believed to be conservative-aligned, but giving a pass to those terrorists, rioters, and scumbags aligned with the trash donkey political party. Even local law enforcement is getting into the act in some places – a heroic bodega worker stabbed a multi-felon convict to death before the criminal could beat him to death in New York. Now he’s facing a murder charge, though the stiff should have still been in jail.

This is all fine and good for the lib fascists living off the dwindling residual respect for the institutions of law enforcement present in the normal population. That respect is gone for us conservatives – we are woke to the fact that its justice is not blind but is, in fact, looking to persecute us for its progressive masters. But normal people are slowly coming around to see that. The FBI is not Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., chasing bank robbers, mob bosses, and commies but, rather, that satanic-looking Peter Strzok weirdo trying to frame the enemies of Hillary.

As my just released non-fiction book “We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America” points out, a crucial nutrient for the growth of social/political conflict is the corruption of the justice system. A two-track system cannot endure; justice cannot be just for them. If people are not getting their end of the social contract, they will rightfully treat it as breached. And then things will get ugly.

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