The Abs****ely Terri**ing Truth About This New Monkeypox Pandemic

The Abs****ely Terri**ing Truth About This New Monkeypox Pandemicby  for End Of The American Dream

GNN Note – The title of this article was modified as we are not promoting fear, just information. We Absolutely disagree with anything the CDC and the WHO have to say – they are bought and paid for shills for the WEF and do nothing but spread Terrifying fear.  / END

A lot of people out there are downplaying this new monkeypox pandemic, and I believe that is a huge mistake.  If a smallpox outbreak had suddenly erupted, everyone would be totally freaking out.  But the general public doesn’t seem very alarmed about monkeypox even though it is very closely related to smallpox.  According to the official CDC website, monkeypox “is part of the same family of viruses as variola virus, the virus that causes smallpox”.  In the past, monkeypox has not spread easily among humans, but something has changed that has now made that possible.  As I detailed last week, scientists are telling us that approximately 50 key mutations have turned this bug into something new that we haven’t seen before.

Most people seem to think that the hideous sores that this virus produces on the skin are the most frightening aspect of this disease, but that isn’t true.

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Many of the victims that have had monkeypox so far are telling us that the worst part is the absolutely excruciating pain.  In fact, one man that has had both COVID and monkeypox says that monkeypox is “100 times worse”

A Dallas man who is recovering from monkeypox says the symptoms are “100 times worse” than COVID-19 and feels like someone was sticking needles in him.

“I’m not allowed to leave my apartment and I’m too terrified to even want to give this to anybody because this has been the most traumatic experience,” Luke Shannahan said.

Shannahan also says that he “thought he was going to die” as he laid in bed for two days straight…

He got the coronavirus last summer but said monkeypox doesn’t compare.

“Oh 100 times worse,” he said. “This was a totally different level of extreme fatigue.”

Shannahan said he laid in his bed for two days straight and thought he was going to die.

Does that sound like something that you want to catch?

Monkeypox has now spread to 76 different countries, and a total of 12,701 cases have been reported.

That may not sound like a lot, but the number of cases has continued to rise at an exponential pace.

If the number of cases continues to double at the current rate, it won’t be too long before we are facing a nightmare scenario

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