How we could end the COVID pandemic almost instantly

How we could end the COVID pandemic almost instantly by Steve Kirsch – SubStack

Any government in the world could do this. It’s easy and obvious. But none of them will do it. Do you want to know why?

Executive summary

  1. Use a competitive process to identify the most effective early treatment protocol and in-patient protocol based on actual patient outcomes. This is actually optional since there are several excellent protocols for both early treatment and in-patient use that have near perfect track records. The competitive process would draw attention to the “search” for the best practices which is important.
  2. Deploy it. This is the impossible part. We have plenty of 99% or better solutions in #1, but the medical community isn’t rewarded for saving lives. They are rewarded if they follow the NIH recommended protocols. So that’s what they do. They aren’t ever going to reward hospitals who save lives. In fact, I know of a doctor who deviated from the NIH protocols, was massively successful in saving lives, and he was fired for not following the protocol. They will only reward hospitals who follow orders.

My common sense plan to end the COVID pandemic

If nobody dies from COVID anymore and any informed person has access to a treatment protocol that reliably turns COVID into a mild cold, the pandemic mandates, restrictions, and other mitigation policies should all come to an end.

So suppose Elon Musk (or some other high profile individual or institution like Harvard) offers an X-Prize for:

  1. the best early treatment protocol ($1M reward)
  2. the best in-patient (hospital) treatment protocol ($10M reward)

The protocol with the best stats in real-life treatment of COVID patients wins. There would be two winners: one for the early treatment protocol, the other for the in-patient protocol.

Then you find a country, state, or county willing to deploy these best practices in their area somewhere in the world.

So when someone comes down with COVID, they can get a free “early treatment kit” from their doctor’s office.

And if they don’t get the kit and end up in the hospital, they get a treatment protocol that will save at least 95% or more of them. This in-patient protocol would be very different from what we do today since we already know that protocol is a huge failure.

People then see it is working in that county, state, or country, and then it gets picked up by other areas.

Why it won’t work

I used to be a lot more optimistic about people adopting best practices to solve big problems. Now, I’m much more realistic.

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