After Roe v. Wade: Pastors and Leaders – Your Silence Speaks Volumes

After Roe v. Wade: Pastors and Leaders – Your Silence Speaks Volumes by Shane Idleman

I don’t know what’s more disheartening–the anger of many because Roe v. Wade was overturned or the silent pastors and worship leaders who say nothing? (For more on “naming names,” click here.) To tackle this topic, I’m revisiting points from past articles that I’ve written.

Watchmen or Cowards

Over the last few decades, Americans have seen the destruction of the institution of marriage, the removal of God’s Word in several areas, and the embracing of CRT.

Many pulpits are also silent about governmental abuse, the LGBTQ agenda, and the blatant murdering of millions of babies. This is an indictment against America and Christian leaders are partially responsible–our silence speaks volumes. Are we watchmen or cowards?

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Leaders, whether through worship or preaching, can regulate the spiritual condition of God’s people which affects the nation. Leaders, why are you so silent; why aren’t you rejoicing that our national curse may have been lifted? Is it because you may lose half of your audience? If so, you’re pleasing men rather than God.

Cheerleaders and Game Changers

Sadly, many popular worship bands and leaders are exchanging truth for passivity, boldness for cowardliness, and conviction for comfort. They aim to be motivational speakers rather than champions of righteousness.

Pastors (and Christian leaders alike) must take responsibility for the spiritual health of today’s church, and the nation. We don’t need more political-correctness; we need men and women filled with the Spirit of God.

Leaders, we are not just cheerleaders, we are game changers. We are called to stir and to convict so that change takes place. Granted, there are many wonderful pastors and churches—I appreciate their ministry, but, as a whole, the church has drifted off course. They have lost the compass of truth and the boldness of the Spirit.

Four Ways to Get Back on Track

1. Return to the prayer closet. Without prayer, “the church becomes a graveyard, not an embattled army. Praise and prayer are stifled; worship is dead. The preacher and the preaching encourage sin, not holiness…preaching which kills is prayerless preaching. Without prayer, the preacher creates death, and not life” (E.M. Bounds).

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