Ex-Trans Teen Shares Heartbreaking Testimony: ‘I Wasn’t Capable of Understanding’

Ex-Trans Teen Shares Heartbreaking Testimony: ‘I Wasn’t Capable of Understanding’ By  for Faith Wire

A teenager from California who was born female but identified as male before changing course and returning to her biological gender is speaking out about her experience — and her heartbreaking story.

Chloe Cole, 17, reportedly defended the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration’s Rule 59G-1.050 that would deny Medicaid coverage for various interventions to help transgender individuals on their journey to achieve their preferred identity.

The rule would block those on the low-income insurance from receiving hormone therapy and puberty-blocking drugs. Supporters argue there is no evidence that these procedures are safe. They also challenge the idea these services are medically necessary, the Tallahassee Democrat reported.

Cole spoke at a rowdy Friday hearing alongside the rule’s supporters and detractors, sharing her tragic story and explaining her efforts to transition to identifying as a male, which began when she was 13.

She has since reversed course and is reportedly trying to help others see the confusion she faced and the residual pain.

“I really didn’t understand all the ramifications of any of the medical decisions I was making,” she said. “I wasn’t capable of understanding.”

Cole took testosterone and puberty-blocking drugs and even had surgery to remove her breasts, telling the panel how her actions between the ages of 13 and 16 were in some ways irreversible.

She said she realized she was on a path she shouldn’t have taken but that it was too late to change some of her actions. Now, Cole wonders if she will be able to have children and struggles with the realization she won’t ever be able to breastfeed.

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